Stevie Nicks and the Knit Wits

Stop! Have you listened to the video? Please do….it’ll help you get in the mood for this story.

My inner rock star is Stevie Nicks.  When certain songs shuffle through on the iPod, she likes to make an appearance…..still young and carefree with feathers in her hair. We sing to the captive audience of two little Westie boys and we are awesome. Really.

These days Stevie is perfectly content to stay off-stage while I go about whatever plotting and scheming might be taking up my day….you know,  reading, gardening, or even curling up on the sofa with the boys to practice a new knitting stitch. She didn’t even mind that much when I stopped coloring my hair – just extracting a promise to keep a young(ish) style. Yeah, she’s pretty cool with us getting a little older for the most part. But she’s been growing increasingly agitated lately. You see, I’ve joined a group and it isn’t as a back-up singer.

A friend invited me to join a local interdenominational knitting group, The Knit Wits,  and I (sort of) happily accepted. For various charity and church organizations, we produce afghans, baby blankets, prayer shawls, and whatever else might be needed.  I’ve always been the first one to tout the “coolness” factor of knitting, sometimes maybe even a bit defensively to my younger or more skeptical friends.  Just check out Pinterest or Ravelry and you’ll be salivating at some of the really gorgeous creations out there. So why my – or should I say “our” – hesitancy to join The Knit Wits? Because Stevie is afraid that unless she intervenes, this is where we’re headed:


The dreaded church lady persona

Yup, dangerously close to church lady territory here and Stevie wants no part of it. Because we all know this is what church ladies look like, right?  At least that’s what’s getting Stevie all verklempt.

But forge ahead I do and it’s been good. Really good. The Knit Wits meet once a month at the home of a member. We’ve had our meetings in a rustic custom log cabin, an 1830’s plantation home, and even here at The Barn. We drink coffee, ooh and aah over each other’s progress, and celebrate just being together. Conversations are varied: current events, movies, books, families – hey, guess what, pretty much like any other gathering of friends.  And we’re building a strong sense of fellowship as the pile of needlework grows, ready to be donated soon.


Sometimes I amaze myself at my own lack of insight or perspective. I guess the real problem here is my own fear of devolving, as I get older, into something decidedly uncool: a prim, proper, and fiendishly dull church lady. And I’ve been teetering on the edge of being guilty of exactly the sort of stereotypical thinking that Stevie has been whispering into my ear. So time for a major reality check here – just who am I to secretly imagine I’m the only rock star joining a bunch of church ladies?  No, indeed. The Knit Wits are some pretty hot stuff, thank you very much, a group of interesting and talented women working hard under the radar to do a little something worthwhile.

One is cutting eight inches off her long hair anyday now to donate to cancer patients. Another has traveled to Botswana twice and is active in mission work for that country’s poor.  One is a prize-winning photographer. Still another is a math teacher, works for animal rescue, fosters two old beagles, and somehow manages to out-produce all of us with her beautiful crocheting. We have women who have emerged victorious from life’s blackest nightmares: untimely deaths and suicide.  Others cope with health issues with themselves and in their families. Some are wicked wits and send us all into the giggles and others quietly knit away but would give you their last dime if they thought you needed it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve detected a dormant Joan Jett or two in this bunch.

So, Stevie? We’re just going to have to work through this new phase of life. Somewhere between this:


And this…..


we’re going to have to find a happy medium, old friend.  Now, c’mon, I think I hear Lindsey’s guitar warming up.  Time to rock some SILVER SPRINGS!

About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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17 Responses to Stevie Nicks and the Knit Wits

  1. Dorothy says:

    I expect roger to be kicked out of one of his buildings any day as I see a publishing company brewing. I am loving your writings…you have a great writing skill girlfriend….but then you have many skills……keep on keeping on……d.j.



  2. Madam says:

    I agree with Dorothy….You are spot on Barb.


  3. Diane Ahlberg says:

    Somehow I do not see you becoming one of those dreaded “church ladies”- (and Iam sure if you do someone will call your attention to it- just saying)


  4. Mary says:

    Dear Stevie aka Barbara aka Barb,

    What a fun post! I love how personal this blog was and I believe that every woman can relate to it. Just put on those suede platform boots while you are knitting your newest creation and crank up that Bose system with some great tunes and you will have combined your two worlds. You are so multifaceted that at anytime Stevie may pop her beautiful, carefree head out. I do remember a day by the pool in Arizona that was quite fun and unexpected!! As I approach my 50th birthday and a world of change, I too will have to see what inner “Mary” will appear. I cannot wait to see what you will write next!


  5. srudin123 says:

    Laughing out loud at my desk this morning. Just picturing Mary in the headband and doing Axel makes me almost pee a little. I have a wonderful and very funny picture of you two in the pool with bathing caps and large styrofoam floats from the same AZ vacation. The two of you rocking that pool. Love you both.


  6. cathylass says:

    Go on – get the bum tattoo!!! The other ladies will love it. 😉

    I still remember two old “church ladies” once upon a time being exposed to my lower back… I always wear full on panties (generally in a sexy washed out grey style), and not one to wear short tops, but on this particular day my top slid up, and my trousers slid a little down, and clearly pulling down the paties too (no – not that far down! No builders-bum on show!) and one of my tattoos showed…

    I heard howling laughter behind me, turned around and saw two little perfect grandmas, thick stockings and curled blue hair, clutching large handbags to their chest… and they were in tears as they were laughing their heads off – whilst saying “Made in Norway!”.

    Never judge the blue haired little old ladies, as there’s probably a little rock star hiding in them all. 😀

    PS: My tattoo on my lower back is a barcode with “Made in Norway” written underneath it.


  7. I’m going to have to come back before too long; I’m liking what I’m reading. So, we have knitting in common too as well as gardening and looking for the positive…. and that tattoo! Love it! I’ll be back…. 🙂


    • I hope so! Because this is a personal favorite of mine written when I was still so very new at all of this and not sure how much of myself I wanted to reveal. I sense that you will understand that.


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