Putting Things Off

Do you think this is a nice view? I don’t. It reminds me of a nasty tendency I have to put things off.


It’s not what’s there that is bothering me so much. It’s what’s not. This is the road I take into “town” (yes, when you live in the country, you go into town!)  I’ve told myself repeatedly as I crest this little hill to pull over and take a picture of a glorious Lebanon Cedar that graced the edge of the cemetery on the right.

Naturally, I did not. And now it is too late.



Two weeks ago I came up this hill and, to my horror, the cedar was split in half. Its entire top was dangling off to the side. One of those incredibly blustery, polar vortex, spring-is-never-going-to-come days had done its damage. I almost cried.

And I am kicking myself. I love trees with a passion. Sometimes I think it’s half the reason we bought Rosedon: for the grand old oaks that live here. And I had a thing for this old cedar too.

No need to belabor the carpe diem nature of this post; I know you know exactly how I’m feeling about an opportunity lost. Haven’t we all been meaning to do or say something and then, suddenly, the chance is gone forever?

And so now I’m going to take a few shots of my aging dogwood in the front yard. No time like the present, right?




About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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6 Responses to Putting Things Off

  1. Diane Ahlberg says:

    We are all guilty of putting things off for another day
    I hope I have said to the people that are important to me that they are important- if not Barbara. has given me the perfect opportunity to do that here – they know who they are and I thank them for all the love , friendship, knowledge they give me daily!
    Thank You


  2. Sigh…lost opportunities everywhere.

    Still plenty more around the corner!


  3. reocochran says:

    It is a shame when a beautiful tree is cut down, sometimes it is inexplicable. Hopefully, there was a reason for its demise… Barb, I feel I put some things off and regret this habit, too. It is hard to be energetic all the time, which you and I have to be happy we are here, trying the ‘best we can!’ I am glad we are connected…


    • Robin, I remember this tree was partially destroyed in a really bad windstorm. Here’s the good news which I noticed just yesterday. Around the stump of the glorious old tree, somebody has built benches from the wood. Isn’t that a nice memorial? I am very glad we are connected too!


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