Random Silver

A few silver moments have happened this week:

  • Yesterday I got to hold a brand-new baby boy. A tiny, cooing, smiling, frowning, “urp”-ing bundle of new life.  His “Oma” lives right next door so I should be able to get the occasional baby fix now and then. IMG_20140410_144644
  • The Westie Rescue group we support has rescued seven, yes, seven “retired” Westies from a nightmarish breeding mill in Tennessee. Four girls, two boys. One little boy is in desperate condition, so bad that literally hundreds of comments are pouring in on Facebook after photos of his condition were published. A fund has been established in his name, Christopher Robin, to donate to the vet that is caring for him. I have never in my life seen a dog in such horrible condition. Why the silver? There’s lots of silver here actually.  A rescue group who drives through the night to get seven little crated Westies to safety. The vets who work tirelessly  to save the lives of terribly neglected and diseased dogs. And the people who lend their support by helping to pay vet bills, fostering, or offering transportation. The other six pups are in the usual deplorable condition (parasites, worms, infections) but are on their way to being prepared for foster care.
  • I had a reunion with an old friend on Tuesday. She flew in from Louisiana to Charlottesville to spend some time with her daughter there. What meant so much to me is that she and her daughter took their time to drive over an hour down to Farmville, VA (sort of halfway) to meet me for lunch. We sat on the deck of the restaurant in the sunshine and ate roasted red pepper and crab bisque and caught up on life. There is such comfort in old friends, isn’t there?
  • After lunch, we ambled in and out of shops and just enjoyed one another and the splendid spring day.  In one antiques store, I spied a beautiful new Bearskin Baby photo.  There was no price on it. When I inquired of the most gracious, elderly lady up front as to the price, she said in her Southern drawl, “Why, you may have it! Thank you for visiting our store and do come again.” Now that’s silver. Meet the latest Bearskin Baby:

What a clear-eyed gaze on this little chap. I’ve decided he is a boy. And look at his fine dress trim.

  • My local Farmer’s Market opened recently. I bought beautiful scones, goat cheese and  feta, leeks to plant in the garden, and a package of homemade bratwurst for Beloved Husband to throw on the grill. After chatting a bit with the bratwurst guy, he opened up his cooler and handed me a dozen beautiful eggs in soft pastel colors as a thank you.

The public library had set up a booth as well with garden and food books. Twelve Months of Monastery Salads sounded irresistible!

  • And to my delight, the tenderest fronds of Japanese Painted Fern are emerging in the shade garden. They are tougher than I thought and seem to have survived the winter in fine form.


  • And finally, a friend sent me this poem earlier this week just in time for Palm Sunday or Easter or really anytime.  See if you don’t love it as much as I do. And I hope you all had some silver in your week too.

The Poet Thinks of the Donkey, by Mary Oliver

On the outskirts of Jerusalem
the donkey waited.
Not especially brave, or filled with understanding,
he stood and waited.
How horses, turned out into the meadow,
leap with delight!
How doves, released from their cages,
clatter away, splashed with sunlight.
But the donkey, tied to a tree as usual, waited.
Then he let himself be led away.
Then he let the stranger mount.
Never had he seen such crowds!
And I wonder if he at all imagined what was to happen.
Still, he was what he had always been: small, dark, obedient.
I hope, finally, he felt brave.
I hope, finally, he loved the man who rode so lightly upon him,
as he lifted one dusty hoof and stepped, as he had to, forward.


About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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20 Responses to Random Silver

  1. Sue Mayo says:

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon. Holding a new baby, seeing old friends and most of all experiencing the kindness of people you just met.


  2. Dianna says:

    So much to like in your post today. Sweet newborn baby, folks to care for poor defenseless animals (after others FAIL to do so), a free bearskin baby photo, new shoots “springing” forth, and WHAT an amazing poem!
    Have a great weekend!


  3. dorannrule says:

    You surely had a beautiful day filled with hope and silver linings and I am delighted you have shared it.


  4. Mary says:

    It takes a person with an open heart to see the “Silver lining” in an ordinary day. Those eggs are gorgeous!


  5. carolwallace says:

    Lovely. Especially the way people keep giving you things. As of course they should!


  6. You had a glorious week, Barbara, from holding babies to rescuing doggies, to seeing plants pop out of the ground, to connecting with old friends….thanks for sharing your gratitude with us.


  7. Sheryl says:

    What a day brightener! I especially like the story about the woman who gave you the picture of the baby. He’s adorable.


  8. A lovely week Barbara. Pearls everywhere!


  9. Parnassus says:

    Hello Barbara, I have been enjoying exploring your posts. You have discovered the secret–if you welcome different experiences with a good attitude, then all kinds of good things will come to you.
    By the way, I thought that bearskin baby photos were supposed to be sans clothing.


    • Hello Jim, I am delighted you enjoyed my posts because I so enjoy yours. And am looking forward to learning more and more about Chinese culture from you. I have yet to find a little naked Bearskin Baby but when I do, you know he will earn a special post!! Thanks for reading, Barbara


  10. Count your bless today. Sometimes, we keep busy searching bigger and (as if) better things, forgot to enjoy what we already have got. Thank you for remind me through your post.


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