Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. You can capture a neon sign, a sentence scribbled in an old phone booth, a random letter that’s seemingly out of place, or anything else. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.

When I saw the theme of this week’s photo challenge, I thought immediately of these letters which I have had tucked away for ten years. At age 29, our daughter was permanently brain-injured by seizures. This photo documents her slow road to recovery. I hesitate to share this image for fear it might seem exploitative. But I know Jennifer is so proud of the progress she’s made and would be happy to share this photo with you. I think it symbolizes the tremendous courage and force of will she had to come as far as she has.






About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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24 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. carolwallace says:

    This is really moving, Barbara (as well as wonderful to look at: I love the patterns the writing makes). You should all be proud. It’s an amazing photo.


  2. Dianna says:

    I think it’s wonderful, too! So nice to see the progress made.


  3. Jeanie T says:

    Jennifer has endured so much more than most of will ever know. She is to be congratulated, encouraged and admired for her strength and spirit. Thanks much for sharing, Barb.


  4. Diane Ahlberg says:

    Jen has endured more at such a young age than most in a lifetime. With poise and courage and tenacity she has shown that “this” will not beat her- IA young woman who happens to have health issues but still has the biggest smile – I admire her! ( and her parents who have walked the walk with her every step- and I know what each faces!) Each step each letter is a triumph.


  5. Suzanne says:

    How wonderful – what an incredible journey to share with us all. A message of hope indeed.


  6. dorannrule says:

    How proud you must be of your daughter’s impressive strides. I am beyond words other than to thank you for sharing this part of her incredible journey..


  7. ‘Strength, incredible strength.’ is what the photo says to me, Barbara.

    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
    ― Lao Tzu


  8. Oh! I began working on something earlier today that fits this challenge to a T.

    Nice photo, by the way.

    I’d be proud of that progress too.


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  10. Sue Mayo says:

    Jen has come a long way Barb. I know it has been hard for her, you and Roger. As you well know how important it is to be a voice for our children who have suffered brain injuries in order for them to get the medical help they need. You should be very proud. My family knows all too well.


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  13. Pat S. says:

    With all that has been going on since our return, I somehow missed this post. How wise you were to save these concrete reminders of how far Jen has come. Truly the triumph of her strength and spirit.


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