Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Between. Capture something in the middle of two things. It can be a person or object, or simply the space in between.

I was gardening on the opposite side of the house when I heard ferocious growling and excited barking. The boys had discovered the newest addition to the concrete menagerie and were not amused:





About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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63 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. nrhatch says:

    Bwahaha! “How DARE you invite that infidel into our space?!”


  2. Stephanie says:

    This is perfect, made me smile.


  3. Funny! It looks like they are communicating to each other.


  4. Dianna says:

    Oh, that’s so cute! An invader!!


  5. Audrey says:

    I just love that picture – it is too adorable! (My two little guys are extremely suspicious of any type of lawn ornament, too.)


    • You know it sprang into my mind the second I saw the theme of this week’s challenge. Glad you enjoyed and hope it was one-half as much as I LOVED those DaVinci pictures. OMG, just the funniest things ever, ever, ever.


  6. Sandra says:

    Such a lovely photo; puzzlement is obvious, as is the next course of action…


  7. Diane Ahlberg says:

    Ok, someone or something new- let us check this sheep out.
    Very territorial, indeed – I’m sure after much inspection and discussion they will find the sheep not to be a threat.


  8. Jo Bryant says:

    dogs are so funny…great image


  9. dorothy says:

    Two’s company….three’s a crowd…they are the cutest dogs ever…we all love them.


  10. I love the angle of the tails….alert for problems…and the heads lowered to investigate…


  11. macmsue says:

    I also took a 2 Westie pic today, a toy between the 2 but it was nowhere near as good as yours and I decided to toss it. Nice capture, they don’t stay still for long.


  12. Sue Mayo says:

    Those three are something else….love the photo.


  13. Of course, they have check out the invader. What darling protectors you caught in the act.


  14. dorannrule says:

    Now THAT photo catch is PERFECT! LOL! I am still chuckling. 🙂


  15. Hi Barbara, I’m finally getting to read blogs today! Loved this photo – adorable! Hope the weather your way is perfect and you have a great weekend! Happy summer!



  16. mamaboetobi says:

    soooo cute!..lovely photos..you boys just found it, didn’t they :)..cheers..


  17. Jane says:

    Cute pic of the boys with their new brother! Fun challenge!


  18. Marie says:

    What a good giggle! Thanks


  19. I don’t blame your Westies for checking out that suspicious looking sheep. But it does look real. Great photo.


  20. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

    It’s a leaf-ownership dispute 😀


    • Oh, you noticed all those leaves, eh? Yes, that might have been it! Thanks for reading.


      • Phoenix Tears Healed says:

        lol the sheep looks as though it’s bending its head to eat the leaf, and y’know what dogs are like if they think some other dog (or anyone else really) is munching; kinda ‘what’ve y’got and I want it’ 😀


  21. That is so funny! Our two dogs, when they were younger, would bite and shred anything new in their environment (we are just now getting to replace some electrical cords they chewed off our solar panels), an old wool blanket placed in their sleeping area was totally shredded. Now that they are more “mature,” they tend to guard any implement that we leave in their territory. My husband left a lawn mower in the front yard and they “guarded” it for days.


  22. So funny and cute as well.



  23. Sheryl says:

    What a fun photo! LOL


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  25. Sue Slaght says:

    That is hilarious! Too bad there is no audio to hear your pups disapproval.


  26. cathylass says:

    Hahahaha – norty concrete sheep – intruding on their territory!

    10 years ago, when our tomcat was still a youngster, I got a large wooden cat as a gift. Stuck it on the floor, and when my cat came in he went right up to it and slapped it in the face!


  27. Leya says:

    Ha, ha – Perfect!


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  29. Ah this is so cute! They are protecting their territory!


  30. Love this! Made me smile 🙂


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