Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

This week, share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials, as in these images, or with man-made objects. Click here for more.

Texture. If there’s one place texture abounds around this old house, it’s in the garden:


I throw in the photo-bombing Westie Max free of charge.

And the main reason I grow celosia is for its fuzzy-wuzzy velvety texture:


And here’s one more celosia. This one has a sea coral quality, doesn’t it?:


About Silver in the Barn

Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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59 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. I read texture and immediately thought dog fur! So just as well the Westie got thrown in there 😀


  2. nrhatch says:

    That top pic is a FAB mix of textures. Wonderful.


  3. Diane Ahlberg says:

    So pretty as summer starts to wind down we are thankful for the plants that have made it through the heat and abundance of rain
    Thanks for sharing


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  5. Sandra says:

    So velvety – I felt I could have reached out and touched them. Lovely!


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  7. dorannrule says:

    I have never seen celosia! It’s beautiful. Almost like having a pet. 🙂 Perfect fit for the photo challenge too. 🙂


  8. I did like the top photograph especially, all those shapes, directions and colours…not to speak of a guardian Westie…


  9. dorothy says:

    Celosia is so beautiful in dried arragements. Love all the textures you perfectly coordinated.


  10. Dianna says:

    Beautiful photos….full of texture!


  11. M-R says:

    Gosh, Barbara – your garden is amazingly wonderful ! But I MUST know what the insane yellow fluffball is … 😀


  12. The photo-bombing Westie was the best bit. Oh, but I do love your garden too. 🙂


  13. Parnassus says:

    Hello Barbara, Your photos amply show the theme of texture, as well as suggest what fun it can be searching for interesting plants for the garden. In wild plants, which I love, unusual textures are also everywhere, from the sandiness of equisetum, to the shagginess of hickory, to the scaly-smoothness of sycamore.


    • Hi Jim, I’ve been reading up on equisetum which is quite the fascinating plant, isn’t it? I think I’ve seen it growing in barrels at a now defunct little private nursery specializing in unusual plants (probably the reason it is now shuttered….) We have sycamores – some absolutely mammoth – growing deep in our woods but no hickory which I, too, love for its shagginess. Thank you, Barbara


  14. As always, you hit it out of the park, Barbara!


  15. I want to reach out and touch that fuzzy-wuzzy texture, so inviting.


  16. I love your colorful diversity. They all combine to make a very lovely garden. Great examples of texture, Barbara.


  17. Margie says:

    You have such a beautiful flower garden! I am green… and pink and yellow with envy!


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  19. Val Boyko says:

    Hi Barbara, Your garden looks lovely. I love the textures and the color combinations. A fitting backdrop for Max 😉


  20. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely garden pix (and Westie!), love the fuzzy-wuzzy celosia! Do you dry it for winter arrangements?


    • Thank you, Eliza. No, I don’t dry the fuzzy-wuzzy celosia only because I didn’t know I could! Should I just google for the procedure? I love the idea….although a billion little poppy seeds falling out all over the place doesn’t exactly appeal!! I’ll get over it though.


      • Eliza Waters says:

        It may be too late this year, as you pick it just as the tiny flowers are just opening, which takes them out of the garden (hang to dry upside down in dark attic or warm shed – I use elastic bands around stem attached to coat hangers). If you have planted a lot, you can choose a few to dry and enjoy the rest in the garden. If they have set seed already, try drying a few and once dry, shake seeds out – that might work.


      • Thank you, Eliza. I am going to try it anyway. I have just the spot. Will let you know how it works. And yes, I can shake those seeds out…..sort of excited about this!


      • Eliza Waters says:

        Save the seeds to sow next year!


  21. Sheryl says:

    Lovely pictures. . Flowers and plants have so many different, interesting textures.


  22. markbialczak says:

    I love the fuzzy-wuzzy celosia texture, Barbara. It looks like it would make the perfect back-scratcher!


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  24. bkpyett says:

    What magnificent photos Barbara, I love your site and thank you for following mine too!


    • Oh, thank you, Barbara. You know, it takes some nerve for me to post my amateur phone photos in these Weekly Challenges along with so many superb photographers….but it is my blog, right? I would love to learn a bit more about photo-taking in the future.


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