Why I Should Label Things

Or Why Beloved Husband Should Stay Out of My Potting Shed

It was a bustling morning yesterday with BH getting ready to fire up the “dress truck” for a drive down to North Carolina for a customer visit.

The Dress Truck, you ask? Well, yes. Anybody who lives in the country has to have at least one truck. It’s part of the by-laws, I think. We have our good old beater truck that has worked very hard for us and certainly looks the part. But BH also has a beautiful truck that he uses to haul the camper and as his preferred mode of transportation. It’s one of those king cab Ford trucks that cause good ol’ boys to walk up and say some variation on “Nice truck, bud.” Happens ALL the time. And BH does his best to take very good care of it.

That’s where the trouble started. Often after hauling our two Westie boys around, the truck has that doggie smell which he does his best to eradicate with various sprays. And since he was taking a salesperson with him on the drive, he thought he would give it a good spritz beforehand.

Can you guess where I’m going here?

Suddenly the back door bursts open.

BH: What the %$&* do you have in the Febreze bottle?

Me: What Febreze bottle?

BH: The one in the potting shed.

Me: Are you kidding me? DEER REPELLENT!!!!

Yup, he sprayed down his entire truck with the hideously reeking Liquid Fence concoction I use to save my day lilies. 

I am then informed I really should label things. Really? I know what is what. He is promptly informed he needs to stay out of my potting shed. 

And is it too wicked of me that I find this funny? BH is starting to have a sense of humor about it now that the reeking floor rugs have been power washed. And I will start labeling things even though I am certain the rose spray is in the Fantastic bottle and the insect repellent in the Windex. Or wait….is it the other way around? Yup, definitely going to start labeling.

And speaking of potting shed……it’s as finished as it ever will be at this point, so I’ll post some pictures soon.

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56 Responses to Why I Should Label Things

  1. dorannrule says:

    So funny Barbara! We use that liquid fence too so I know how badly it smells. 🙂


  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! Omigosh, SITB… This had me CRA-CKING UP! Poor, poor BH… Looks like you both have valid cause for complaint, actually. On the other hand, most of us (reasonable) folks take a good whiff of the old Febreze can before dowsing the floor mats. Even vanilla and jasmine can be cloying in large doses! But deer repellant… oh… myyyyyyy… 🙂 He has my sincerest sympathies.


  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Wow, that is so funny. Lesson learned.


  4. nrhatch says:

    I love your WICKED sense of humor, Barbara.

    Here’s to having your own domain . . . with clearly unlabeled bottles of Deer Repellent. :mrgreen:


  5. Hoo boy, what a lesson to learn! I recall a similar story, where hubby thought he’d do the wife a favour and apply a dose of fertilizer to the plants – turns out it was RoundUp, or some similar full-spectrum herbicide. They are still married, but only just.

    Tell me more about this liquid fence – is it a home-made brew?


    • NO!!!! Not RoundUp on the plants! That’s happened here too. “Oh, I thought they were weeds!!” AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.

      Liquid Fence is a vile product made from concentrated urine from various beasts (maybe even coyote, Maggie) and it serves to drive the deer away quite effectively. It smells as bad as you’d think it would based on this description. Available at your local big box garden center.


  6. Parnassus says:

    Hello Barbara, At this distance, I can see the funny side of your story. In certain families it pays to be cautious when opening any container. With lots of fisherman around, we have had our share of worms/maggots-in-the-cottage-cheese-container mix-ups. Somehow, the guilty parties find more humor in the situation than the victims.


    • Laughing out loud at your understatement, “pays to be cautious….” Were there sisters in this house who shrieked in horror at the….ew….maggots when they were just innocently foraging for something on which to plop the fruit cocktail? Thanks for the morning cackle.


  7. Wicked, oh so wicked. But hilarious!


  8. kristieinbc says:

    This is hilarious! Your two dear Westies get the last laugh. Suddenly their doggie smell probably doesn’t seem so bad after all! 🙂


  9. Sue Mayo says:

    I’m sorry Barb but I can’t stop laughing.


  10. Mary says:

    Thanks for the great cackle out loud! I was starting to think you and Rog were perfect!! COL
    I agree with your sentiment about why should I do things the way you would when I know exactly what I am doing!! Todd wants everything put back in its proper place and I do not comply very often. But I do admit that often I do not remember where I put things and thus the games begin!!
    Opposites do attract. xxoo PS…Love that truck!


  11. dorothy says:

    Potting shed perfume..can be found exclusively at Rosedon ..guaranteed to keep all things at bay..bet Roger learned a lot from this experience.


  12. Betsy says:

    Well you gave Mark and me a good belly laugh this morning!!Poor BH. Things like that always seem to happen when you’re on a tight schedule.Hopefully the day will get better because it’s FRIDAY!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!


  13. Barbara–O.K. PLEASE READ THIS: up here in New Jersey we have actually gotten something that is such a blessing compared to that fowl coyote-urine-smelling Liquid Fence. It is called “DEER OUT” and it smells like MINT(!!!!!) and keeps the deer away from hostas, day lilies, coneflowers, etc. Go to http://www.deerout.com—(just read the back of the label) if you can’t find it around by you.
    Regards, Cindy.


    • Cindy, this is a revelation to me. Just when I’ve grown used to holding my breath while stirring up that vile concoction, you bring me this (one hopes) breath of fresh air. Stow away the HazMat suit!! Seriously, you better believe I will try this product especially after such a devastating loss of plants from the wretched deer this year. THANK YOU!!!!


  14. I’m sorry to laugh but that is really funny!



    • Caroline, it is really funny and you have full authority to cackle away with the rest of us. Did you see the comment from Cindy about Deer Out? I don’t know if your garden is excessively plagued with deer, but mine is and I’m excited to try something new.


  15. Dianna says:

    Oh. My. Gosh…..I can NOT imagine how his truck smells after spraying it with Liquid Stench (as my son calls it). How in the world is he going to get rid of that awful odor?? And did he use your car to drive the customer???


    • Liquid Stench!! Yes, Marshall is right on the money. Well, evidently BH sprayed most of it on his floor rugs and on his seats. The seats he cleaned and the floor rugs he took out and power washed them last night. They are currently drying on the deck and we shall see if the stench is gone. He sprayed Febreze (this time the real stuff) in the truck and took off for NC. He said you could not tell…..but he may just be “nose-blind” as the commercial says.


  16. Trust a man to trust the label……despite all olfactory evidence to the contrary….
    But I am not totally innocent…we are clearing the freezer before leaving for Spain so we are eating our way through the UFOs…unidentified frozen objects. Makes for interesting menus…


    • Not to mention that he hadn’t put his bottle in the potting shed to begin with – his bottle was right where he left it. As to the UFOs, I’m guilty of never labeling a frozen food in my life. It’s much more fun to peel away the frozen foil and hope to identify the contents. Bon Appetit and will you be posting from Spain?


      • With luck! The local activities commmittee have internet for 3 euros per month…not enough bandwidth to download films, but enough for e mails and surfing.
        It’s a fascinating area…historical connections with El Cid….schismatic popes….. the chivalric military orders…the Carlists…. the twentieth century civil war…
        and the food is out of this world!


      • My knowledge of schismatic popes does not extend beyond Avignon. I am looking forward to reading about your travels as your bandwidth allows. Enjoy, you deserve it. And I hope “the neighbor” doesn’t buy your house while you’re away.


  17. mrsmrs says:

    I laughed and laughed, Barbara – and I’m still smiling ! That unfortunate man, the BH – but in truth, it serves him right. Men NEVER think of sniffing stuff first. I mean, why on earth would you have a grubby Febreze bottle in the potting shed …?
    Oh, truly, this is LOVELY !!!


    • Bwahaha, M-R (mrsmrs)! Of course you are exactly right, and I knew as he was flaming down the driveway in a malodorous huff that this was going to be my next post. Some things simply must be shared! So happy to bring a smile to your face as you have done for mine….many times.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, gawd, LOL! Guess he’ll be driving with the windows open for a while – hope it doesn’t rain. 😉


  19. Thanks for the chuckle, Barbara. As disorganized as I am, I do try to label things. Otherwise, who knows what disaster might unfold. 😉


    • I have always had the most amazing memory so have been very lazy in the labeling department as I didn’t need to. Alas, those days are slipping away, and I’m now starting to wander around endlessly looking for things with ZERO recall as to where I put them. Dash it!


  20. Pat S. says:

    Oh, how I wish I had read this before last night! We could have had some fun with it. And, it is always our fault, isn’t it, Ladies?!


  21. Sheryl says:

    I can see the humor–but it’s also a bit scary. I’m glad you’re going to start labeling things. 🙂


  22. I am in charge of anything garden related, so when he interferes there are always arguments and if anything goes wrong it is his fault. Easy huh?


  23. joannesisco says:

    There are many parts of this post that had me laughing – including the Dress Truck 🙂 Seriously … the first small spray should have been the clue that it wasn’t Febreze!


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