Flying Carpets

As I sit down to write about airport carpets, it occurs to me that a dear friend’s description of my blog as “quirky” might be right on the money. It can’t be helped, I’m afraid. I am drawn to the off-beat, eccentric, and quirky. And this story makes me think I ought to be living in the quirkiest of American cities: Portland, Oregon. Where else could such a fuss be made about airport carpeting?

What’s the carpet look like in your airport? You mean you don’t know? Here’s Richmond’s:


And if that doesn’t do it for you, here’s the airport carpeting in Denver and Atlanta:

And taken on our trip last week to Arizona, I present the carpeting in the Phoenix and Minneapolis airports:

You know my poor BH is shaking his head as I take these pictures and wondering just when this blogging phase of my life is going to end!

So why the fascination with airport carpets? It’s all about the huge kerfuffle which erupted in Portland, Oregon when PDX airport officials announced that after 25 years, the carpet had to be replaced. But this being Portland, it couldn’t be that easy. Quirkiness is an art form in that fair city and that extends to airport carpeting. Yes, it had a cult following and the outpouring of angst over the carpet’s demise must have taken everybody involved completely by surprise.


Now the carpet has its own Facebook page and Instagram account. Even the Wall Street Journal reported on the story here. Yes, Paris has its tower, Richmond has its Monument Avenue, and Portland, its iconic airport carpeting.

I thought you’d get a kick out of some of the products created to honor the memory of the PDX carpet:

And while I like the carpet too, I don’t think I’d want to make this sort of commitment:


And in case you’re wondering, here’s the new carpet. Can you imagine the pressure to select the new one?

images (7)

So next time you’re in your airport, take a moment to examine the carpet. It might just be your next tattoo.

Quirkily yours,


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