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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art: Sphinxes

For this week’s Photo Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine. Sadly, this is what the publisher deemed acceptable as cover art for a James Patterson … Continue reading

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Emergency Room Elephant

Let’s be clear. Without modern medicine, we would have buried our daughter ten years ago when the first of the terrible seizures she has had to live with since struck. This is no diatribe against individual doctors and nurses, but it is … Continue reading

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“I Congo On.”

Just because I haven’t read an author’s body of work doesn’t mean I don’t have, at a minimum, firm impressions based on nothing more concrete than random reviews or whatever literary scuttlebutt I may have come across. Fair or not, I have to … Continue reading

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“The Wrong House” by Carol McD. Wallace

“The Wrong House” by Carol McD. Wallace 1993 Carol Wallace writes one of the best book blogs out there, Book Group of One, which has introduced me to authors I never would have met otherwise, i.e. Angela Thirkell and Eva Ibbotson. … Continue reading

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“The Power of the Dog” by Thomas Savage

If there were justice (or better taste) in the literary marketplace, surely one or another of Thomas Savage’s dozen novels would have been topping bestseller lists for the past 30-odd years…. Valerie Sayers, New York Times Book Review ….it is … Continue reading

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The Killiecrankie Book List

Picture the scene: The Scottish Highlands have done their best to flatten sixteen weary hikers who are now recuperating in the warm and gracious dining room of the Killiecrankie House Hotel in Pitlochry.  (All of these Scottish names benefit from a wee roll … Continue reading

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“The English Are Cruel To Their Children”

“Wolf Hall”, Hilary Mantel Oh, really, why narrow it down to just children? Five hundred years ago in King Henry VIII’s England, cruelty abounded and it wasn’t reserved just for children.  It took me forever to get through this remarkable book; … Continue reading

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Cookbook Time Capsule

Here are my oldest and newest cookbooks. I don’t really have to tell you which is which, I’ll bet. And in between the oldest and newest are dozens of other cookbooks collected over the years; some really good, others barely cracked: … Continue reading

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Suspend Disbelief – The Minotaur Is Alive and Well

“The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break” by Steven Sherrill I read as much about books as I do the books themselves, it seems. This decidedly quirky book came to me through the Wall St. Journal’s Saturday column “Five Best: A … Continue reading

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