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Kyoto Syndrome

You’ve heard of “Paris Syndrome?” Often exhibited by the Japanese, it is a condition of anxiety bordering on hysteria upon realizing they have fallen prey to an extreme case of false advertising. Far from the romantic image portrayed in “An American in Paris” and … Continue reading

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Westward Ho!

They say there’s nothing quite like travel to expand one’s horizons.  So what did I learn from our recent trip to Arizona? You just never know what’s going to cross your path when you head out of town. I learned bobcats … Continue reading

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Eat Your Veggies

My mother is a very good cook. Now. But when I was growing up, mealtime was a source of immense stress. Mom had to squeeze every penny out of an Army sergeant’s monthly pay to feed five hungry kids, and she accomplished … Continue reading

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50 States of Thanksgiving

Well, what do we think of the recent New York Times article on Thanksgiving dishes evocative of our fifty states? I don’t know….they seemed to be somewhat on track with the two states I’ve lived in as an adult, but they really went off … Continue reading

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A Wee Taiwanese Tea Party

Sunday was just the best day. You remember, perhaps, that I wrote recently about my travails preparing the soft food diet for my daughter’s fractured jaw. In the comments of that post, my friend, Jim, who writes the fascinating “Road To … Continue reading

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Snap, Crackle, Crunch

I’d never really thought about it before, but I’ve realized something new about my family over the past six weeks: We are CRUNCHY people! That’s right, if it snaps, crackles, and pops, it’s welcome at our table. Give us crispy apples, … Continue reading

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Spatchcockery Afoot

I was faffing about in the curtilage feeling a bit chuffed that I had just come up with such a great idea for dinner: I would spatchcock a chook. Say what? If I could get away with it, this is how I … Continue reading

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A Proustian Pretzel

I’m not alone in having food trigger an involuntary memory, although it wasn’t Proust’s madeleine that did the trick for me.  My time-travel experience happened when I read a post detailing a blogging friend’s experiments making pretzel rolls. Boom, I was back in Germany … Continue reading

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Cookbook Time Capsule

Here are my oldest and newest cookbooks. I don’t really have to tell you which is which, I’ll bet. And in between the oldest and newest are dozens of other cookbooks collected over the years; some really good, others barely cracked: … Continue reading

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