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Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Patience is a virtue, we gardeners remind ourselves. Nothing tests that quality like the installation of a new garden: Taking on a one-hundred year old house means learning to love renovations. Or at least accept them. The challenge is not … Continue reading

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Holiday Wreath Challenge

The minimalist in me might have been perfectly satisfied with this: But she was beaten into submission by the other part of me – you know, the one who raises her hand to participate in a wreath-making challenge. The Charming Woodland … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Mail

I am hopelessly sentimental about a handful of things, letters being very high on that short list. It’s easy to be ruthless with an email and consign it forever to the dreaded Trash folder. But a letter? That’s another thing entirely. If … Continue reading

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Potting Shed Finale: The Budget Version

We have a difference of opinion, husband and I.  I say when we redeem our credit card points on a snazzy, bright orange Home Depot gift card, the plants subsequently hauled home are “free.” He disagrees, bringing up the logical, but … Continue reading

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The 4-H Urn Project

Because so many of you (okay, two, but who’s counting?) have been clamoring for more detail about the Garden Club Luncheon the other weekend, I thought I’d show you what I came up with for the front porch urns in preparation for … Continue reading

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The “Blankety-Blank” Potting Shed Project Part III

One teeny-tiny little trip to the ER and suddenly the bloom is off the rose for Beloved Husband on the potting shed project!   It’s been some time since my last update on the Potting Shed Project, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Bring Out Your Silver

Wall Silver Wow, I’ve been writing my blog for four months now and haven’t delved into the topic of silver – real silver anyway – yet! So here goes…. When I married, silver was not exactly high on the list … Continue reading

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Potting Shed Project Part Deux

Paralyzed With Indecision It’s been a long, cold winter during which Beloved Husband has occasionally asked me “Have you given any thought to what you want to do with the shed?” Gulp. Yes, I’ve been giving it a lot of … Continue reading

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Bearskin Babies

Vintage photographs crammed into boxes in antiques malls are an irresistible lure to me. And among them, the most irresistible are the babies. Folks in those old photographs are so stiff and solemn that it’s hard to imagine them as laughing, vibrant … Continue reading

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A Potting Shed Project

This is my Potting Shed: Or maybe it’s this: Or even this: But definitely not this:  Okay, the scrambling roses are great but this one is way too precious for The Barn’s gardens. In truth, THIS is my potting shed: … Continue reading

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