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Play Me, I’m Yours

What’s that I hear, a piano? Scattered all over the public spaces of the world’s cities are elaborately decorated pianos, just sitting there waiting to be played. Let me back up for a second. When my old house was new, … Continue reading

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Minotaurs, Ukuleles, and New Year Ponderings

The Chinese refer to 2013 as the “Year of the Snake,” but for me it will forever be my Year of the Minotaur. It seems that whenever something finally blips its way onto my personal radar screen of awareness, it then reappears so frequently … Continue reading

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Ototoxicity and a Christmas Miracle

Some mornings I stay in bed and just listen for a moment. Sound is all around me. The house creaks. Outside are chirping birds or pattering raindrops or distantly passing cars. I can hear myself breathing and the soft rustle of the sheets as I move. … Continue reading

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