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For Better or Worse…

His books, his booze, his Brooks Brothers shirts are all at home, but he is not. In their eighties, my once inseparable parents have been wrenched apart, physically anyway, by the disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s. Dad is in a veterans’ … Continue reading

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Blame It On Jamie Lee Curtis

Why I would imagine that the color of my hair would hold an iota of interest to you, dear reader, cannot be explained other than to say I learned the hard way that it’s a subject that can ignite opinion, solicited or … Continue reading

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Stevie Nicks and the Knit Wits

Stop! Have you listened to the video? Please do….it’ll help you get in the mood for this story. My inner rock star is Stevie Nicks.  When certain songs shuffle through on the iPod, she likes to make an appearance…..still young and … Continue reading

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