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Elbows Off The Table

  “If your mother serves fried combat boot, you kids will eat it.” Thus ended any potential debate on the edibility factor of canned beets and succinctly describes the negotiation-free tone of my childhood. We were five kids who held … Continue reading

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For Better or Worse…

His books, his booze, his Brooks Brothers shirts are all at home, but he is not. In their eighties, my once inseparable parents have been wrenched apart, physically anyway, by the disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s. Dad is in a veterans’ … Continue reading

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War Stories: The Painting

I grew up listening to war stories told by my father, US Army Signal Corps, and my mother, a German child of WWII. This is the third in the series. The others are here and here. And maybe even here, now that … Continue reading

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My Phantom Son-in-Law

Most days I manage to hold him at bay, that son-in-law I once imagined I’d have. It’s pointless to indulge in thoughts of what might have been if life had gone as planned. But sometimes, when I least expect it, he kicks down … Continue reading

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What’s in a (First) Name?

I’ve been going through old photo albums and, as a result, thinking about family and family names. When I was a little girl, I used to imagine what I would name a future daughter. For a long time my choice was Elizabeth, but … Continue reading

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