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Pilots N Paws (and flippers)

What an adventure we had this weekend! Well, to be honest, I had nothing to do with it, but not for lack of trying. It seems I’ve been displaced as my husband’s co-pilot by a stack of turtles. In Chiquita banana … Continue reading

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50 States of Thanksgiving

Well, what do we think of the recent New York Times article on Thanksgiving dishes evocative of our fifty states? I don’t know….they seemed to be somewhat on track with the two states I’ve lived in as an adult, but they really went off … Continue reading

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Rosetta Stone: Massachusetts

There were no border guards or customs officials. I didn’t need a passport. But it was a foreign land….this Massachusetts, this little enclave of individualism in the homogeneous United States. We moved to Massachusetts the summer just before my junior … Continue reading

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