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“My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery”

  The complicated legacy of the American South is beautifully captured in Kate Campbell’s song. My regular readers know I’m fascinated with history and the Civil War and slavery in particular. The little book I excerpt in this post has haunted me … Continue reading

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“I Congo On.”

Just because I haven’t read an author’s body of work doesn’t mean I don’t have, at a minimum, firm impressions based on nothing more concrete than random reviews or whatever literary scuttlebutt I may have come across. Fair or not, I have to … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned Virginia The idea of posting on this old ruin has been simmering away on my mental back burner for some time now, so when this week’s Photo Challenge theme came through, it spurred me to Just Write It. We … Continue reading

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