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Just Say Yes

Five Photos, Five Stories #5 Saying “yes” is easy, I suppose, to the extrovert. Not so much for those of us of a more introverted nature. It’s not that we’re anti-social….exactly….but it takes more of an effort to mentally gear … Continue reading

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My Phantom Son-in-Law

Most days I manage to hold him at bay, that son-in-law I once imagined I’d have. It’s pointless to indulge in thoughts of what might have been if life had gone as planned. But sometimes, when I least expect it, he kicks down … Continue reading

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Flying First Class

Earlier this year, I posted about the first of my Personal Principles – Try Kindness First. I do mean to get to the other nine one of these days. And you may remember the Tennessee Seven. One of those seven rescued Westies got … Continue reading

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Into the Dungeon

If I were Queen, the world would be a much better place — mostly because of my dungeon into which I would toss all those people who make life miserable for the rest of us.  You know the ones I’m … Continue reading

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Sunday Silver

Try Kindness First A friend recently shared her “10 Personal Principles” with me. Number one on her list is: Try Kindness First. I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately. Here are some thoughts from others on the subject: I … Continue reading

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