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I Wish Westies Were Ugly

Or at least not so darn cute. Maybe so many of them wouldn’t end up in rescue if they looked like this:   And I wish ad agencies would stop choosing the Westie as their adorable pitch-pup for whatever brand … Continue reading

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The Tennessee Seven

  It isn’t news when I read a Facebook update from the Westie Rescue group we support and learn of another batch of breeding mill “retirees” coming into the rescue fold. What is news is when the head of this group reports … Continue reading

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Random Silver

A few silver moments have happened this week: Yesterday I got to hold a brand-new baby boy. A tiny, cooing, smiling, frowning, “urp”-ing bundle of new life.  His “Oma” lives right next door so I should be able to get the occasional … Continue reading

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One Of The Boys

Westie Silver Youngest sister, the bossy one, has nudged me to write about our experiences fostering Westies. But first I thought I would introduce one of “the boys,” our beloved Berkley, whom we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t started doing rescue work in … Continue reading

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