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Eat Your Veggies

My mother is a very good cook. Now. But when I was growing up, mealtime was a source of immense stress. Mom had to squeeze every penny out of an Army sergeant’s monthly pay to feed five hungry kids, and she accomplished … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Dorothy

Some of you know I have a fondness for Dorothys (is it Dorothies?) having yet to meet one I didn’t like. It’s just one of those names that seems to attach itself to good people. Here’s the story of my very first Dorothy … Continue reading

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A Proustian Pretzel

I’m not alone in having food trigger an involuntary memory, although it wasn’t Proust’s madeleine that did the trick for me.  My time-travel experience happened when I read a post detailing a blogging friend’s experiments making pretzel rolls. Boom, I was back in Germany … Continue reading

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