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Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts held its biennial extravaganza last weekend: Fine Arts and Flowers. Those of us who attempt floral arrangement of any kind will appreciate the immense achievement of the inspired designers participating in this event. They are asked to … Continue reading

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Eagle-Eyed Adventure

I’ve dazzled you all in the past with my dramatic wildlife shots:   So when my dear brother-in-law, Mike, invited us to come with him on a bald eagle photo shoot on the James River, I felt pretty sure my … Continue reading

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Civil War Enigma: A Comfortable Story

It’s not unusual to see mention of the Civil War in my local newspaper; after all, I do live in Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the Confederacy. When I moved here twenty-odd years ago, I had no idea that the “War of Northern … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

This week’s challenge: Whether your own or someone else’s, literal or figurative, take us on a photographic adventure. Because I am a hopelessly literate thinker, no risk of a figurative adventure here. Do you know the difference between the aviation terms “VFR” … Continue reading

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Adventures in Rocinante (or How I Learned to Love Camping)

Part I The Westie Chariot What’s a girl to do? I had already proven a dismal failure on the golf course, so when Beloved Husband suggested we take up camping, I put on my game face and off we went … Continue reading

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Harmony in Song

I don’t cry during Hallmark commercials or when the violins swell in movies. That sort of stuff just doesn’t move me in the way I know it is meant to. But sometimes, out of the blue, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

From the four walls that currently surround you to the infinite potential of space, this week we’d like you to show us your take on room, rooms, or a room. Neglect and decay are taking their toll, but hints of her former grandeur … Continue reading

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Rosetta Stone: Massachusetts

There were no border guards or customs officials. I didn’t need a passport. But it was a foreign land….this Massachusetts, this little enclave of individualism in the homogeneous United States. We moved to Massachusetts the summer just before my junior … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

I had nothing to contribute to this week’s photo challenge until yesterday. Coming through a stone archway at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, a Richmond treasure, I spied this amazing wisteria vine:     http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/twist/  

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

The art within the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is wonderful, but it’s the art without I find most compelling. Here the magnificent red glass reeds by artist Dale Chihuly:   http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/      

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