Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.”

Refraction? I commented to my friend, Sandra, that I’d be sitting out this week’s challenge. But wait! Look what I found while looking for something else….the garden to the rescue again!




And a good day to all,


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Life in a 1915 farmhouse in Central Virginia. And the odd thought or two.
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39 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

  1. Diane Ahlberg says:

    Your garden still looks great- amazing it’s heading towards end of October
    Roses look perfect- a favorite!

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  2. Jodi says:

    Oh I love more beautiful glimpses of your little heaven on earth!

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  3. Sandra says:

    How lovely; so glad you found something in your archives. You never know what you’re including in your pictures when you take them. These are beautiful, and they’ve just reminded me of another one I could have included from my own. Another time, perhaps.

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  4. nrhatch says:

    Bright Lights . . . NO City! Perfect.

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  5. reocochran says:

    The garden saves the day and indeed looks heavenly and mystical in these photographs, just wonderful how the sun shining its beams of light can lift you up! Barb, so much fun seeing different images of your gardens, can imagine feeling peaceful there, absorbing the oxygen given off by the greenery!

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  6. Sue Mayo says:

    Oldies but goodies!!!! Beautiful!


  7. Parnassus says:

    Hello Barbara, Whatever the optical principle involved, these photographs are sheer magic with their interplay of light, color and illumination. The celestial light in the first two produces a sense of awe, while the more golden light in the third evokes the serenity of an evening in the country.

    When I saw this prompt, it immediately brought back memories of a house I once lived in in Cleveland Heights. The entire front of the house was glazed with small beveled panes that acted as refracting prisms, and glittering, shimmering fragments of colorful spectra were cast everywhere when the sun struck the glass.


    • Hello Jim, and I thank you so much for your lovely comment about the garden photos. I’m fascinated by your house which was covered with panes of glass. You know my inquiring mind has to know more. Why glass? Was this a one-of-a-kind house or something not uncommon in Cleveland Heights? And I can imagine in the right light, your house would have shimmered like magic.


  8. Dianna says:

    Beautiful photos!


  9. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful choices for the challenge – that rose is gorgeous!


  10. I wish you could take photographs here….my sight is deteriorating and I’ve never been good with a camera…..


  11. Dixie Minor says:

    What a beautiful garden!


  12. dorannrule says:

    They are all three perfect interpretations for the “refraction” challenge! Kudos Barbara – Kudos. 🙂


  13. How wonderful to have such a beautiful garden. The play of light is good for the soul.



  14. bkpyett says:

    Beautiful atmospheric photos! XX

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  15. Joanne Butler says:

    Barbara, as I looked from the first photo, to the second, and then to the third, my emotional entity could only absorb one thing….. This was (is) God’s heavenly light which you captured through these photographs. My mind can not be bothered with the scientific explanation right now, just know it is He who is sending his love and strength to you through your sanctuary. Even as the sun was setting your pink roses still held on to their tears of joy for reveling in another beautiful day . May this vision of light ( refraction?) bless you, Jen and your husband always.
    Love, Joanne


    • Remember when I said you should start writing your own blog, Joanne. Well, I think you should. You have a gift for poetry and prose and, even better, you’re unafraid to express your emotion in your words. These really do have a heavenly quality to them, I agree! The heck with science!!! Love you too, Barbara


  16. cat9984 says:

    All three are beautiful, but I love the sun in the first one.


  17. You captured the light perfectly! Perhaps you are in sympathy with the plants, seeing the light as they do? Your garden is filled with rainbows 😉


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