Life’s Little Luxuries

Little sister and I were hiking on Sunday when conversation, in between huffing and puffing, turned as it sometimes does to things apropos of nothing at all. Mary brought up the subject of indulgences, the little luxuries that help make life ever so much more endurable.

If, and it’s a big if, money and logistics were no object, what would be your fantasy luxury?

For Mary it would be a fresh bed every single night. A fresh bed with perfectly tucked, best-quality cotton sheets which, she emphasizes, have to smell good too. Ahhhh, I love this idea. Not enough to go upstairs and make her a fresh bed today, but I so understand the appeal.

BH came up with his, surprisingly enough, without a second’s hesitation. Chinese Foot Massage every night for the rest of his life. He’s tried unsuccessfully to find something comparable state-side, so I know the anticipation of a proper foot massage helps him endure the interminable flight to Taiwan each year. p1

Oh-oh, my turn. With my mind all abuzz, I struggled to imagine what on earth my luxury might be. Somebody to clean up each evening after I destroy the kitchen? Nah.  A helper in the garden? Sheesh, am I such a drone that all I can think of is work-related assistance?

download (1)

And then the next morning, it came to me in a flash. I realized I already had my luxury. It had simply fallen into the category of “things I take for granted.” It’s the super-duper coffee machine BH unexpectedly came home with one evening. With the push of a button, it grinds the beans and dispenses the most heavenly cup of fresh coffee imaginable. Complete with the little swirl of crema on top. It even steams the milk. Yes, this is definitely my luxury.

And Max? Well, this week he’s had the ultimate luxury every little Westie boy longs for: complete and utter devotion from his “Aunt Mary,” although he has had to endure a dress-up session. Have you ever seen such a look of canine resignation?


Max preparing for the Super Bowl.


How about you? Is there a luxury, real or imagined, you’d like to share?

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138 Responses to Life’s Little Luxuries

  1. And with how often technology is replaced today, I think this qualifies as a real indulgence too, Phil.


  2. saddleguy says:

    LOL Terry hasn’t even seen the coffee machine yet but it’s all I hear about from her


  3. Barbara Stevens says:

    A variety of fresh flowers every week…Oh, I already live a luxurious life.

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  4. Luxury is time spent with good friends 😉 And flowers in the garden each and every day of the year. Giant hugs, Barbara- WG


    • Friends are a dime a dozen, WG, it’s the cup of coffee that’s a rare luxury. No, no, no, sometimes my sense of humor gets ahead of my typing fingers and I see what I’ve written in horror. Fortunately you know I’m kidding. Giant hugs back, Elizabeth.


      • Now, combing a cup of delicious coffee with time with a friend, remains absolutely the best little luxury to keep us going 😉 Hope we can share one soon. Are we still on for
        April? Did you see my post about our trip to the Amelia nursery? Hope you guys are warm and dry tonight. Did you get snow? WG


      • No, I didn’t see it or I would have been really mad you didn’t come see ME!! No, no snow but the wind is UNBELIEVABLE. I have no date on the calendar for April, but I’m sure we can manage that. Looking forward to it.


      • I brought Mom and Dad out for a drive after lunch on Sunday, and bought them a beautiful Snow Queen Hydrangea as a V’day gift- and a Rhodie for myself 😉 Such nice people at that nursery. I’m headed back for more Rhodies one day next weekend, too 😉 Just full of buds, and 25% off. What you have is headed or way… sorry to hear about the wind. We had snow for a while, and maybe more overnight. Brrr!

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  5. cat9984 says:

    Definitely a back/neck massage weekly. I spend all day lift things and putting them away at work. It would be awesome to have help relaxing the muscles. 🙂


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